§ 1024.35 Error resolution procedures and vicarious liability.

​I received a notice on 10.13.2014  and 12.16.2014 about my 1st mortgage adjusting so I contacted WF, as requested.  I have never received a notice about my 2nd mortgage rate adjusting, rules say notices should have been sent.  A web of support exist for major financial institutions through companies like the BBB and the CFPB which enabled WF to break mortgage servicing laws without repercussions.  

 This site was created in July 2016 to journal my Wells Fargo story.





​A disturbing thing about WF deceitfulness was If I had accepted and signed the modification docs for my 2nd loan it seems I would have had to turnaround and immediately pay my entire 2nd mortgage or I would go into default.


Today will be the 2nd time Wells Fargo has completely filled up my voicemail, why is WF doing this?  I've asked for email accommodation and obviously they will not comply with the ADA requirements WF agreed to.  I am not in collections so this harassment is for no apparent reason. 

(SPOC) Cortez v. Citimortgage Inc., 2014 WL 7150050 (C.D. Cal. Dec. 11, 2014)

(TPP) Curley v. Wells Fargo & Co., 2014 WL 7336462 (N.D. Cal. Dec. 23, 2014)

 (IIED)Smith v. JP Morgan Chase, 2014 WL 6886030 (C.D. Cal. Nov. 26, 2014)

 (QWR)Turner v. Ocwen Loan Servicing, 2014 WL 6886054 (S.D. Cal. Dec. 3, 2014)

The new CFPB Consent Order reviewed servicing practices of WF and identified a law violation like the one I'm dealing with:

Falsely reporting customers are paying partial payments and failing to update or corrected inaccurate or negative information reported to credit reporting agencies. The CFPB, "Errors could damage a consumer’s ability to access credit or make borrowing more expensive."

This is what WF says about Responsible Servicing:

"Wells Fargo remains committed to living by responsible lending and servicing principles, encouraging responsible and respectful treatment of customers. We're here for our customers, in good times and bad."  

WF servicing principles:

​Principle #2 - Assign a single point of contact (I've had many)

​Principle #3 - Promptly research and resolve complaints (12+ months  of complaints unresolved)

​                      - Make it a practice, do what is right for the customer (WF is hurting me for no reason)

​​Principle #4 - Actively work with customers to avoid delinquency (WF reported my loan delinquent)


​Part of WF's Human Rights Statement includes these statements:

"Our commitment:  Wells Fargo’s ongoing respect for human rights reflects our vision and values. We recognize that respecting human rights is a continuing effort, and we must regularly assess our practices and approaches in light of changing global policies and business practices. This effort is done with the understanding that in some circumstances we may go above and beyond what the law and industry standards require. We are dedicated to corporate social responsibility and strive to uphold human rights in all our business activities."

"​At the core of this commitment, we expect our team members to adhere to our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, and believe that honesty, trust, and integrity should guide our business activities."


-WF servicing infractions against me are designed as stalling tactics   

Beautiful day with many onlookers.  These banners are leading the public to my website.  Soon the weather will allow me to spend more time at various locations.  I have many more WF branches to visit.

While recovering from my 7th surgery I have discovered Wells Fargo is still fraudulently reporting my mortgage.   Equifax still shows I am paying my mortgage as " Paying under a partial payment agreement".  Since 12/21/2015 I have been asking Wells Fargo to stop reporting my mortgage as " Paying under a partial payment agreement" which Wells Fargo began fraudulently reporting on 8/1/2015.  This fraudulent reporting is seriously causing me mental anguish and wrecking my credit which was at a 812 FICO and had plummeted to a 673 solely because of Wells Fargo's defaming credit reporting.  Every time I see or hear Wells Fargo's name my heart-rate accelerates and I get emotionally agitated.  Why are you doing this Wells Fargo?


-Servicing Alignment Initiative rules broken

-Servicing and reporting rules broken

WF can't stop hurting me.  WF is still fraudulently reporting my loans to the credit bureaus.  Please correct your mistakes WF so I can benefit from the incredibly low interest rates. It's very hard to get an 800+ credit score.

The BBB has finally agreed with me and WF is no longer accredited.  It's sad the BBB took so long to agree with my complaint .  The BBB has removed WF's accreditation status.    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage down graded to D+ by the BBB.   There are still some really dishonest employees at WF who can't stop hurting me. 



​WFfraud.com  -  WFHMfraud.com  -  WFCfraud.com  -  WFBfraud.com  -  WFHurtMe.com

I have had multiple surgeries and still can't use the phone.  Wells Fargo is choosing to break the law again by denying me ADA accommodations.  I'm convinced Wells Fargo has not changed and does not care about their customers.  I must continue to picket my local Wells Fargo branches because Wells Fargo does not understand how to care for their customers. 

July 25th
5.33pm - no voicemail
6:06pm - voicemail
6:07pm - voicemail

Today was a great day.  WF must cease iniquitous practices to repair their tainted name.


​​​​​At the end of 2014 I requested guidance from Wells Fargo(WF) about my interest rate increase.My request has turned into a fight to regain my tarnished credit worthiness.  I needed to refinance or modify my step rate mortgage which is increasing 1% a year. WF has fraudulently destroyed my 800+ credit score, discriminated against me, and broken several key loan servicing laws and rules.  All of the allegations against WF are supported by my documents.  As of 1.29.2018 my credit score has not recovered to its original FICO score.  

I spent some time down town today.  There were many onlookers and plenty of people taking pictures, quite fun.


July 28th
9:55am - voicemail
9:57am - voicemail

2:19pm - no voicemail

2:20pm - voicemail

-Daily solicitations from WF

-Mandated solicitations FM



An economic advantage held by one or more persons or companies deriving from the exclusive power to carry on a particular business or trade or to manufacture and sell a particular item, thereby suppressing competition and allowing such persons or companies to raise the price of a product or service substantially above the price that would be established by a free market. -encyclopedia.com   

WF created a micro-monopoly situation by misrepresenting who I am and then offered me an absurd modification because I had no other choices.  WF offered a 1% variable rate that would cap at 18%.  


New date for WF to complete their research is now 8.5.2016.  My credit report is still saying I'm in a PPA. I can't break out of this vicious circle I'm Entrenched in with the CFPB and BBB.  Here's my latest  response to WF denying wrongdoing, WF is breaking the rules. 

To-date WF has stalled 70 times without e-mail accommodations.  I can't stop WF from hurting me.





List of calls between 7.25.2016 to 7.29.2016:


No email ADA accommodation available for me to contact Wells Fargo if I have questions, see letters dated 8.5.2016 from WF.  Today's response shows WF is refusing to help me and denies wrongdoing.  Our inapt consumer complaint system leads to waste and disillusionment.

-Mortgage rules broken

-Complaint responses from WF conflict of intrest

The confusion about my mortgage accounts WF services are directly connected to the Single Point Of contact(SPOC) rules not being followed by WF. Multiple(9) SPOC's led to an ongoing discriminatory act. WF refused communication accommodations, phone calls only. This discrimination weakened my ability to obtain a better interest rate and caused me undue hardship. According to the settlement agreement between the United States of America and Wells Fargo & Company under the Americans with Disabilities Act (DJ # 202-11-239), an accommodation  should have been made to use email when communicating with WF.  When seeking guidance from WF through the ADA coordinator, I was passed off, ending with no resolution.



-not following rules
-deceitful practices
-illegal home evaluation
-induced health problems

-excessive phone calls

3 months WFHM
8 months WFHE
4 separate cases
-induced health problems

-Reporting inconsistencies


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3 months WFHM
12 months WFHE
4 separate cases
-induced health problems

-Reporting inconsistencies





WF is still refusing to fix my credit report.  WF continues to dig a deep dark fraud hole in my life.  I have requested WF to give me a copy of the “full file” status report from WFHM and WFHE for the last 24 months.  FM makes all servicers of HAMP submit a "full file" loan status report at the end of every month, I doubt WF has or is complying.  WF continues to receive incentives for servicing my loans for Freddie Mac.  Freddie Mac should hold Wells Fargo accountable for not following servicing laws and stop paying WF for fraudulently reporting or not reporting at all my loans to all 4 credit bureaus.  WF please stop hurting me.  

My interest rate will be at 5% in a few months.  If my credit report was correct like it was 24 months ago I would easily qualify to refinance both loans but WF will not stop their fraudulent grip on my financial life.  WF is causing me severe emotional distress.

Please contact me here with questions.




July 29th
10:39am - voicemail

3:13pm - no voicemail

3:19pm - voicemail



I have new problem emerging, for the last 5 days WF has been calling me nonstop.  I consider this harassment.  I have told them to email only because I can't speak on the phone.  I have never defaulted on the only 2 debts I have, my mortgages WF services for Freddie Mac(FM).  WF is not following an apparent policy change of allowing me an accommodation to use email for communicating with WF.  I am being treated so badly by my bank.   



3 months WFHM
8 months WFHE
4 separate cases
-induced health problems

-Reporting inconsistencies

July 26th
8.29am - voicemail
8:51am - voicemail
1:15pm - no  - voicemail
5:46pm - no  - voicemail
6:32pm - voicemail

-Fair Lending rules broken

The newest rate hike notice came today from WF.  My interest rate will increase to 5% and I have no way to benefit from the great low rates today.  If I had my 812 credit score I'm sure a lender would have refinanced my loan.  Approximately 2 years ago I began this journey to obtain a fixed mortgage rate.

CFPB: "If you’re worried about falling behind on your mortgage, it’s smart to do something

about it right away. Talking to your servicer about your situation won’t damage your credit,

and it lets your servicer know that you take your financial responsibilities seriously." 

WF is still not following the rules for credit reporting.  My latest credit report shows I have revolving credit of over $50,000 why?  My 2nd loan is not a HELOC.  I have no revolving credit debt but because of WF fraudulent reporting I now have a 40% revolving debt ratio.  Wells Fargo has been fraudulently defaming me for 15 months, and I truly don't understand why.  I need to refinance now but WF has me in their grip. 

Credit Bureau Reporting

Section 12.2 of Chapter II, Section 6.2 of Chapter III, Section 11.2 of Chapter IV and Section 10.I of Chapter V of the Handbook require servicers to report a “full file” status report to the credit reporting agencies for each loan under the respective programs, in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other applicable laws and credit bureau requirements provided by the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA). In addition, Sections 12.2.1 to 12.2.3 of Chapter II, Section 11.2 of Chapter IV and Sections 10.1.1 to 10.1.3 of Chapter V of the Handbook include certain detailed reporting requirements contained in CDIA guidelines.

Section 12.2 of Chapter II: Servicers should report a “full file” status report to the credit reporting agencies for each loan under HAMP in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act as well as other applicable laws and credit bureau requirements as provided by the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) from time to time. “Full-file” reporting means that the servicer must describe the exact status of each mortgage it is servicing as of the last business day of each month. 

Section 10.1 of Chapter V: 2MP servicers must report a “full-file” status report to the credit repositories for each loan under 2MP in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act as well as other applicable law and credit bureau requirements as provided by the CDIA from time to time. “Full-file” reporting means that the 2MP servicer must describe the exact status of each mortgage it is servicing as of the last business day of each month. Following modification of a second lien under 2MP, 2MP servicers should use Special Comment Code “CN” to identify loans being paid under a modified payment agreement as described in the guidance below provided by CDIA. 

FM: Promoting Responsible Servicing Practices:

​"Payment disputes regarding information reported to credit repositories must be resolved in a timely manner.

A Servicer must promptly respond to a borrower's inquiry and fulfill any request for information in a timely manner. If the borrower disputes any of the information on his or her mortgage account, the Servicer must promptly resolve the situation with the borrower.

A Servicer is required to file a “full file” credit report with all major credit repositories on a monthly basis regarding the payment status of each borrower's account. If a borrower disputes the information previously reported to the credit repositories regarding his or her payment history and the Servicer determines that the information previously reported is incorrect, the Servicer must amend the credit information and report the amended payment history to the credit repositories. If the information previously reported is correct, the Servicer must provide an explanation to the borrower. Both of these responses must be completed within the timelines and in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act."



-illegal home evaluation
-induced health problems

-not enforcing rules

I have had too many SPOC's which means I have never had a Single Point Of Contact.  If a customer is continually explaining their needs to a new SPOC's then there is no such thing as an SPOC just a call center. 

FM and WF ordered 3 evaluations on my house, all 3 should be voided.  The rules are very clear about Brokers opinions and appraisals contracted by FM and WF.   I continually hesitate on this topic because a person I care about will be hurt if I publish this information.  I'm concerned that all of my efforts are doing more harm than good.  The Law was clearly broken not because of the evaluation outcomes but because how the information was obtained.  This situation is truly sad because it shows the audacity of a note holder and the servicer. ​



July 27th
8.44am - voicemail
8.55am - voicemail
1:12pm - voicemail
2:17pm - no voicemail


So it begins.  I am now traveling to my local branches and picketing each location and encourage the public to visit my website so they can learn the true nature of WF. 




2 new banners are arriving next week so I can picket my local WF branches. I want to educate the public about WF's fraudulent actions and how they have hurt me.  


-misleading me
-induced health problems


​-WF Code of Business Practices not followed.
-Current government regulatory sanctions not followed.
-Testimonials from Wells Fargo employees.

-Employee indiscretions

-Phone logs FM  
-Phone logs WF


-Appraisals/opinions contracted by WF and FM

- Cost effectiveness of liquidation for WF and FM

-Servicing incentives from FM 

-Sacrificing anonymity while culprits identies become sacred

-misleading me
-induced health problems

Complete denial.  Here's WF's complaint responses up to today.  WF refuses to consider they made a mistake.


WF and FM used my agents broker to obtain a "broker's Price Opinion", they broke the law.  WF and FM are very dishonest and will not admit the wrongdoing that has negatively impacted my life.


I purchase another credit report for $30 today and Equifax is still reporting I'm in a PPA.  I contacted Equifax to inquire why the negative remark is still on my credit, they couldn't help.  Guess I'm stuck and out of options, I disputed this with Equifax months ago.

To illustrate how absurd the CFPB complaint system is, I just received a notice that WF has been granted 60 more days. The government sponsored safe guards are unreliable.  WF is now admitting some wrong doing by allowing me to submit for $199.75 but only if I can prove payments to monitor my credit.  I advised WF about having to monitor my credit for 8 months because of their fraudulent reporting. 8 X $39.95 = $319.60 not $199.75, shouldn't WF have enough decency to pay for all my expenses relating to them destroying my credit?  It seems yet another fight to get my money back. 



NOTES: Find laws and rulings to support indiscretions

There are approximately 39 requests for time needed to address my concerns which equals to about 585 days WF needed to research my complaints.  Rules on servicing time constraints for complaints have been egregiously overlooked by WF which again is still causing hardship.  The next "We now expect to complete our work by"  is  July 15, 2016,  in 1 day . It's been about 350 days since WF started fraudulent PPA reporting.  It's been 640 days since I've been asking WF for guidance about my interest rate increase.  WF admitted I was not paying partial payments about 225 days ago . Several times during my exhausting quest for email communication accommodations, a WF representative would grant me favor and allow a few emails then promptly revoke my privileges without any explanations. Currently I have two SPOCs who I believe are allowing WF to  continue reporting that I'm in a "PPA" to the credit bureaus.  Both SPOCs have refused email communication accommodations.  My complaints have been against the current SPOCs and unfortunately they're still in control of my case which is a major conflict of interest.  

- Code of Business Practices broken.

-Similar   complaints against WF

-Complaint responses from WF conflict of intrest


WF has assigned me another SPOC, this makes 12.  Every time WF assigns me a new SPOC it's a form of discrimination because I have no way of communicating my plight with them except by calling.  WF will not follow the law and the CFPB is unable to hold them accountable.  Almost every month I receive a letter from WFHM and WFHE stating they will have answers to my problems on a certain date but WF never has answers just denial of wrongdoing.  WF and FM believes they no longer must give me e-mail accommodations even-though I have proven they must abide by the ADA laws. 

The aforementioned SPOC who is trying to sweep my complaints still denies my problem exists, WF is still reporting I'm in a PPA.  Having my current SPOCs in-charge of the complaints surrounding indiscretions against me is a conflict of interest. My SPOCs are some of the Wells Fargo employees who discriminated against me and destroyed my credit.  Wells Fargo must have over 100 employees, they could spare 1 knowledgeable employee to assume my case without a conflict of interest.  I'm willing to work with anyone that has my well-being as a priority.

-not following rules
-deceitful practices
-illegal home evaluation
-induced health problems

-excessive phone calls

​​Beginning  on 8.1.2015 Wells Fargo(WF) started fraudulently reporting I'm in a partial payment agreement (PPA)  11 months later WF concedes to stop fraudulently reporting my 1st is in a PPA to the credit bureaus.  I'm waiting for an answer about my 2nd being fraudulently reported as a PPA.  I educated WF on 12.21.2​015 that I was not paying a Partial Payment but my full contractual payment on the 1st and 2nd mortgages.  WF has agreed many times I've never missed a payment, always full payments on time. Because of this fraudulent reporting I'm missing opportunities to refinance or modify my loans.  Because of this fraudulent reporting I've spent countless hours attempting to persuade WF to correct their mistakes and missed quality time spent with my family.  Because of this fraudulent reporting I've spent hundreds of dollars in futile attempts to stop WF from destroying my credit.   Because of this fraudulent reporting my credit score has plummeted almost 140 points from an 812 down to 673. This fraudulent credit reporting was a personal attack aimed at stunting my possibilities of refinancing with another lender.  I am forced to deal with WF because of my fraudulent bad credit.  Wells Fargo pulled my credit, they knew.